In order to gain the properties resembling water from a melting glacier, ID`EAU is aerated in a unique manner.

The aeration technology developed by Aqua Vivre enables restoring its primeval properties to water. Every water underwent relaxation in the past, after flowing out from a spring or after glacier melting, adapting itself to new environment conditions. One of the effects of water relaxation is the ability to dissolve gases present in the air, where their solubility depends on the equilibrium determined by Henry’s law.

Our task – ID`EAU must have exactly such properties – properties of primeval water.


The Effect

Studies have confirmed that our water has a significantly reduced oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), while at the same time enjoying a markedly increased oxygen content thanks to aeration, no less than 15 mg/l of dissolved oxygen.

The studies clearly indicate that ID’EAU is a water of extraordinary properties for living organisms, both plants and humans. Life – and exchange of water is one of its elements – occurs primarily on the cellular level. The quality of water provided to the organism, as well as its exchange within the cells, decides the condition of individual organs. And, consequently, also the organism as a whole. The average water content in the human organism is approximately 60%, but some of our organs are made up of more than 80% water. Its quality affects our condition and our wellbeing.