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ideau_box (1)Extraordinary water that will boost your performance by 20%. ID’EAU combines a pH of 8 with beneficial levels of minerals and unequalled oxygen content of 15mg/l. This is 3-5x more than traditional bottled mineral and spring waters! And together these attributes grant the numerous health benefits gained from drinking ID’EAU.

ID’EAU uses a natural technique that follows the scientific principle of Henry’s Law to give its unique high oxygen content and allows the body to enjoy peak performance.
Today’s diet which consists of heavily processed foods has contributed to the acidification of the body, ID’EAU combats this with its alkaline properties and pH of 8 and helps to ease the burden of this modern lifestyle.

The mineral content of ID’EAU helps to contribute to its alkaline nature, but it also helps to hydrate the body and provide the body with the nutrients needed to maintain its optimal electrical signalling across cells. ID’EAU has been sourced after understanding the ideal geological conditions, which confer, to give the water an optimum level of minerals.

Upon bottling, ID’EAU is screened immediately using the latest ADR technology that protects the unique properties of the water from environmental factors and maintains it in the purest, most natural form. This EMF screening technology does not require grounding and is patented under (PAT. 221223)

After bottling, ID`EAU is packed into trendy boxes and sleeves protecting it from the electromagnetic fields.

One box contains 18 bottles of 0.65 litre