Tests and Studies

In the past, water had different properties than now, and the effects of electromagnetic fields are responsible for cellular level changes. Among other, this leads to water molecule aggregation, which in turn severely hampers water exchange at the cellular level. Solubility of substances of plant origin is also degraded.

Conclusions from the testing to date

  • ID’EAU noticeably increases extraction of antioxidants, which remove excess free radicals from the human organism, confirmed by tests using green tea. A marked increase in polyphenol compounds with strong antioxidant effects was noted, which reduces the risk of occurrence of neoplasms and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Its use increases solubility – and therefore absorbability – of nutrients of vegetable origin.
  • ID’EAU water has a distinct effect on living organisms, which was demonstrated in biological testing of carrot seed health.