Unique water protection technology

Upon bottling, ID’EAU is screened immediately using the latest ADR technology that protects the unique properties of the water from environmental factors and maintains it in the purest, most natural form. This EMF screening technology does not require grounding and is patented under (PAT. 221223)

After bottling, ID`EAU is packed into trendy boxes and sleeves protecting it from the electromagnetic fields.


ID’EAU comes from 8 years of research to make it a unique product, which allows everybody an easy way gain access to its benefits. Other premium waters on the market use glass bottles to give the impression of quality, this is simply not true and at ID’EAU we know that this is simply a guise and the carbon footprint associated with the added weight and manufacture of the glass is considerably higher. The bottles we use are made of the highest quality plastic which are fully recyclable and our company is pushing a big recycling initiative to do our part to reduce the environmental impact which plastics have caused.